BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller

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For those looking for the ultimate in a jogger, there is probably none better than the BOB Revolution SE. It is currently one of the best customer rated jogging strollers on the market, coming not only with a swiveling front wheel for easier maneuverability, but also with an adjustable suspension system that can keep your baby steady and comfortable during the entire ride. With an ultra-padded, adjustable seat and five-point padded harness, this stroller offers enhanced comfort and complete security for your little for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

This is not only one of the best selling jogging strollers on our list, it is also the highest rated. Owners simply love how this unit performs while jogging and its customer reviews are glowing. With high recommendation rates and scores, the Revolution SE sits comfortably atop our list of the top joggers that you can buy.

Recommended weight capacity: 70 lbs.

Product Features

Swiveling Front Wheel: This model features a swiveling front wheel that pivots fully for easy maneuvering. Whether you are walking in the park or turning tight corners, the stroller will easily turn and navigate around obstacles. The stroller’s front wheel can be locked in forward position for enhanced stability when jogging or when the terrain is rougher.

bob-revo-se1Adjustable Suspension System: To keep your child secure during each ride, the BOB Revolution SE Single comes with an adjustable suspension system that features two-position shock absorbers. Furthermore, the stroller integrates a five-point harness with fasteners that can be easily tightened by easy-to-use pull rings. For added security and safety, the rear-wheel brake system can be engaged with your foot anytime you think it is necessary.

Ultra-Padded, Adjustable Seat: Unlike most strollers of its kind, the Revolution SE Single integrates an adjustable seat that is ultra-padded, therefore keeping your child perfectly comfortable during each ride. The seat can reclined back to 70 degrees, which is ideal if you are walking in the park and your wee one wants to take a nap. Thanks to the wide selection of colors available, you will always be able to choose the one to suit your needs and tastes perfectly.

Compact, Easy-to-Fold Frame: Lastly, the BOB Revolution SE Single is engineered to be easily foldable when needed, so you can always store it in your car if you are planning to embark on a car ride. The frame of the stroller is lightweight and can fold down to a more compact size, ensuring parents of easy transportation and storage.

What Owners Like About the BOB Revolution SE Single

Being such a highly rated jogger, there are plenty of aspects of this model that owners really appreciate. Some of the more common features that owners love include:

bob-revo-se2Pivoting Front Wheel: The first and most important aspect customers liked about the BOB Revolution SE Single was the pivoting front wheel this jogging stroller comes equipped with. Since it can swivel just as needed, the wheel makes maneuvering the stroller much simpler, so you can always be confidently in control of the stroller. Locking the wheel in place is quite simple and works as expected, providing stability at a faster pace.

The push and feel of this stroller just can’t be beat. Users are extremely pleased with how this unit performs while jogging.

Excellent Suspension: As stated above, the Revolution SE Single from BOB features an adjustable suspension system that is meant to enhance security and safety for your little one. This is particularly useful when traveling at faster speeds or going over uneven terrain. Users really praise this model for how smooth of a ride that it delivers for their kids.

Enhanced Comfort: According to most buyers, this jogging stroller is very comfortable and since it is ultra padded, the seat will keep your wee one secure and comfy, not to mention happy. Along with the five-point harness, and an adjustable sun canopy, the Revolution SE makes sure your passenger is safe and protected.

Foldable Frame: This jogging stroller from BOB integrates a foldable frame that makes storage and transportation easier. The model can be easily folded in two steps, and considering its very lightweight design, you will never have problems folding it down to a more compact size. The unit only weighs 25 lbs and owners greatly appreciate how easy this unit is to fold, store and transport.

What Could Be Better?

Unfortunately there is not one perfect stroller that will fit everyone’s needs. Despite being the best rated model on our list, there were a few owners that voiced some concerns.

Price: It is one of the more expensive models on our list and some folks could not believe that they spent this much for a jogging stroller. However, most find that you get what you pay for and it does get high marks for overall value.

No Accessories: For the price, some customers were disappointed that this stroller did not come with any accessories like some of the other models on our list.

Does Not Lock When Folded: Another minor complaint is that when the unit is folded down it does not lock in place. You have to use a strap to keep the unit in a folded position. It also may be a bit big for tight fitting trunks.

Alternative Strollers

Other joggers in a similar class as far as features and price of the Revolution SE that you may also be interested in include the Mountain Buggy 2013 Terrain and the Baby Jogger X3 Summit.

For those wanting a jogger but at a more budget friendly price point may find the Jeep Adventure or Joovy Zoom 360 jogging strollers to be better alternatives.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a new jogging stroller, and you want the best, then you may not have to look any further than the BOB Revolution SE. It was engineered to perform and customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Owners continually give this jogger extremely high marks and recommendation rates as this stroller receives high 4’s out of 5 stars from parents.

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